[Article I: Of God]

Written in Latin by Philip Melanchthon (1531)

Translated from the Latin into German by Justus Jonas (1531)

English Translation by Ambrose and Socrates Henkel (1851), Revised by W. F. Lehmann (1854)

Link to Bente/Dau Translation from Latin (1921)

[1] The adversaries approve of the first article of our Confession, in which it is declared that we believe and teach, that there is one eternal, individual, undivided, Divine Essence, and yet, that there are three distinct persons in this divine essence, (or being,) equally powerful, equally eternal, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. [2] This article we have ever thus taught and defended in its purity, and we maintain and feel certain, that it has a foundation in the holy Scriptures, so firm, good, and sure, that no one can object to or overthrow it.

Wherefore we conclude without hesitation, that all those who hold or teach otherwise, are idolaters and blasphemers, and aliens from the church of Christ.

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