[Article III(I): Of Christ]

Written in Latin by Philip Melanchthon (1531)

Translated from the Latin into German by Justus Jonas (1531)

English Translation by Ambrose and Socrates Henkel (1851), Revised by W. F. Lehmann (1854)

Link to Bente/Dau Translation from Latin (1921)

[1(52)] Our adversaries agree to the third article, in which we confess that in Christ there are two natures; namely, that the Son of God assumed human nature, and thus God and man are one person, one Christ; and that this Christ suffered and died for us, to reconcile us unto the Father; that he arose from the dead, possesses an eternal kingdom, justifies and sanctifies all believers, etc., as is taught in the Apostolic Creed and the Symbol of Nicaea.

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